23rd January webinar - Multitude of Voyces' Anthology of Sacred Music by Women Composers: diversifying the repertoire for today's choirs

Contributions will be made by several composers, Choral Directors, teachers and supporters of the project - Louise Stewart, Olivia Sparkhall, Sarah MacDonald, Patrick Craig, Emily Hazrati and Caroline Grint - who will provide a very brief overview of the following areas:

· the inherited tradition of the sacred music canon and the need for the Anthology

· recent developments in the GCSE and A Level curricula to include women composers

· the process of commissioning new works by women composers

· the perspective of two Choral Directors modelling inclusive and diverse repertoire

· the role of advocates and researchers in representing historical women composers

· a young female composer's outlook

· the practicalities and challenges of creating the Anthology series

Attendees will be invited to share the positive experiences of, and challenges surrounding the inclusion of music by women composers within their choirs' repertoires; there will be an opportunity to ask questions of the contributors and to network during 'breakout' sessions.

Informal recordings and videos of choirs performing works from the Anthology series will be included as a Playlist before the webinar begins and to illustrate contributors' presentations.

Find out more about Louise Stewart here and about Olivia Sparkhall here.