Intermediate Course

This course is awarded at two levels: Emerging and Progressive. As we restart our live courses, we've updated our courses to combine our previous Emerging and Progressive courses into one and include both live and online tuition spread over six training days.

Who is the course for?

Our Intermediate course is designed for those who have either successfully completed our Initial level of training or those who already have experience in leading a choir. The course will develop and extend existing leadership skills, enabling you to prepare your choir with greater confidence.

How does the course run?

The course consists of six training sessions, including an opening and closing weekend and two one-day sessions (one live, one online), spread over six months. We provide video footage from each session to participants so that they can continue their learning in between sessions. After the course, participants may have the option to take the DipABRSM exam (at an additional cost). This can be discussed with tutors during the course.

What will I achieve?

Conductors who pass at Emerging level will have confidence in beat patterns and independence of hands, as well as the ability to prepare a score and rehearse a choir successfully, and an understanding of how gesture affects choral sound.

Conductors who pass at Progressive level will have solid technical assurance in their gesture, show confidence in rehearsal planning and delivery (including an ability to detect and correct problems), be able to improve the overall quality of the singing, and communicate in a musically engaging and effective way.

How do I apply?

Conductors who wish to apply should complete a short application form and submit a short video of themselves leading a choir. You can apply at either course level specifically, or for the course generally.

Please read our video requirements here and watch our short demonstration application video for the Emerging course here: and the Progressive course here.

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For more information about any of our training courses, contact our Training Manager, Elisabeth Brierley, via email or on 07805 454563. You can also check out our Emerging Course FAQs here and our Progressive Course FAQs here.

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