Association Of British Choral Directors

Musical Director


Organisation: Pye Hill Male Voice Choir

To replace our current MD who is retiring end of Jan. 18. We have an Assistant MD at the moment who is willing to step up to the plate when required but due to other time consuming commitments is unable to undertake the MD position. With this in mind, anyone who would like the challenge of starting as a chorister with the choir with view of progressing to assistant and maybe gain the required experience to achieve the full MD position are quite welcome to join us. We are a happy and varied band of some 24 singers comprising of 4 Tenor 1s, 6 Tenor 2s, 7 Baritones, 7 Bass with an average event turnout of 20/21 performers. We hold practice evenings every Monday 7:30 - 9:30pm in The Dale Club, Jacksdale, Notts. NG16 5HR. We also aim for one concert venue per month and have a May Bank Holiday away. Contact for further details.

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