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Organisation: Horsham Harmony

Horsham Harmony is a thriving daytime choir that attracts retirees, homeworkers and new parents. In all we have around 40 singers. We meet on Wednesdays in St Mary's Church office buildings in the Causeway in Horsham from 11am to 12.30pm. The choir has been running for two years. Sadly we are moving out of area so I won't be able to continue with it.

The choir is run on a very relaxed basis, with members paying £5 per rehearsal and only paying when they attend. Members help out enthusiastically. The commitment is excellent.

Daytime choirs are a growth area and there is plenty of scope to double numbers at Horsham Harmony without too much difficulty. There is a larger hall next door to the one we rehearse in, which is in the centre of Horsham in the beautiful Causeway. The choir has been an invaluable lifeline to a number of people in difficult situations - a spouse caring for his wife with alzheimers, a lady who is a full-time carer for her disabled daughter etc. The camaraderie is superb.

Horsham Harmony's focus is to give something back to the community and give something back to ourselves. We raise a huge amount of money for charity each year with our Afternoon Tea concerts, and also sing in care homes etc, particularly at Christmas. We also encourage members to explore what for some is a new skill of learning to read music. We sing a cappella and also with backing tracks and also piano, so we enjoy a variety of ways of singing, some of which are just a blast and some of which improve our sound and skills.

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