Full day Find your Voice Course with Susan Hollingworth

In 2010 I was awarded The Gramophone Choral Director of the Year Award. My children's choir was BBC3 Choir of the Year in 2008. I am offering a "Find Your Voice" Course. This could be promoted by a group of Choral Societies or Choirs who want to create new singing members. I would teach basic singing techniques, pitch matching, holding parts and confidence boosting. I would be happy to take a wide range of ages, including adults and children together, provided children are accompanied by an adult, teacher etc.

Advertising could say:
'Have you always want to join a choir but lack confidence?'
'Were you told at school you couldn't sing but want to try?'
'Do you love to sing in the bath but now want sing with others?'

I did something similar for the Radio 3 "Hallelujah Project" with 2,000 people!

Area: available anywhere in the UK if expenses are covered

Timescale: any time until May 2012. This course would recruit better on a Saturday or Sunday.

Reserve price: £350
Value: £500

Visit www.auctionofpromises.com from 1st July to bid for this Promise.