Leading Singing in Primary Schools

For teachers who wish to develop their knowledge of leading singing for young voices.

Suitable for:

  • Primary School teachers who would like to find out more about leading singing
  • Primary School music co-ordinators
  • Music Hubs
  • Student teachers (PGCE and SCIT)
  • Teaching Assistants

We recommend that the course is run as a 3-day course, though it can be adapted and reduced to 1 or 2 days if required. The course can be spread out over a period of months and held at times to suit your individual group, including Saturdays or twilights. The course works best with a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 17. Detailed content will be tailored to the group as appropriate, but will cover some of the following key skills, depending on the length of the course:

  • Vocal health, development and awareness
  • Finding the child's voice (humming, whispering, thinking, singing
  • Understanding appropriate pitch ranges
  • Pitch-matching and call & response skills
  • Singing games
  • Using your voice to lead singing effectively
  • Fun warm-up ideas
  • Appropriate road-tested repertoire
  • Repertoire to enhance whole school learning
  • Ensemble singing in the classroom
  • Encouraging and developing use of singing across the curriculum
  • Teaching tools and strategies for enabling good quality singing
  • Ideas to encourage reading music notation
  • The teacher as singing leader
  • Encouraging positive engagement, creativity and participation
  • Development of leadership skills
  • Extended repertoire
  • How to establish, develop and maintain choirs/vocal ensembles

Read more on our course leaflet here.

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