Young Conductor Membership

A range of options available for under 28s, including free membership!

We understand how important it is to support young, upcoming conductors, and so we have adapted our membership structure to offer them a financial boost.

Under 25?

Anyone aged 25 or under can claim free membership of abcd.

Under 28?

There are still discounts, with a subscription of just 50% of the full rate payable right up until you turn 28.

All you need to do to claim your free membership is to give your date of birth when joining. If you are 25 or under, click here to fill out the form and get your free membership now! If you are 26 or 27, click here to join online at the discounted rate (choose 'student' from the drop-down menu and we will ask you for your date of birth separately). For more information, email our Membership Secretary, Carol Bowns, or phone 01298 213577.

Our membership runs from 1st May - 30th April, so membership discounts are calculated using age at 1st May of that year.

The small print

Young Conductor membership
  • if you are 25 or under when you join, you get free membership until you turn 25
  • once you turn 25, you pay 50% of the full sub until you are 28 (ie until the end of the membership year in which your 28th birthday falls)
  • thereafter, or if you are 28 or over when you join, you pay the full rate.
  • Our membership year runs from 1st May-30th April, so if you join aged 25 and under in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd quarters, your free membership runs until the end of the following year; if in Q4, until the end of the second year following. If you join aged 26 or 27, in Q1, 2 or 3 you pay 50% pro rata, and either 50% or the full rate the following year, depending whether you're 28 on 1st May. In Q4 you pay 50% if under 28 on 1 May, full rate if you're 28 or over, for the next year plus the initial quarter.