Risk management and planning resources

We've put together three documents to help you and your choir with your planning and risk assessments for returning to singing in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. These detailed documents have been updated to help and encourage people plan their choir's return and at present are openly available to everyone. Every choir will have its own views on when and how it wants to return our guidance is intended to help everyone make the right decision for them.

Whilst document 1 has more details about guidelines for England, it is still relevant to choirs in the Devolved Nations, and all are relevant and recommended for everyone planning to return to singing, whenever that may be.

All three are designed to be read in conjunction with each other:

  1. Practical considerations for choirs and conductors (newly updated August 2021)
  2. Guidance on Risk Assessment (last updated December 2020 but still relevant)
  3. Risk Assessment templates

More essential reading

As part of your risk assessment planning, you should also read in full:

WellRehearsed, our new app

Help us gather the vital data we need on rehearsing safely!

WellRehearsed is a joint initiative between abcd and Making Music. This free app has been developed in volunteer time as a quick and simple-to-use risk management tool for amateur music groups of all kinds, choirs and instrumental groups.

It asks two short anonymous questions: 'Has your choir/music group met for a rehearsal in the last week?' And 'Were any infections subsequently reported by persons attending it?'

WellRehearsed is available now for Android users in the Google Play Store and in the App Store for iOS users.

Find out more here.

More advice

You can also find useful advice for choirs on making plans to return to singing on the Making Music website and on the ISM's website, both of which include advice for choirs in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Church choirs should also consult the RSCM's advice.

Government guidance

See our Government guidance page for links to the latest guidance for choirs of all kinds and ages.