Download our new app for your rehearsals

WellRehearsed is a joint initiative between abcd and Making Music. This free App has been developed in volunteer time as a quick and simple-to-use risk management tool for amateur music groups of all kinds, choirs and instrumental groups, anywhere in the UK.

It asks two short anonymous questions: 'Has your group met for a rehearsal in the last week?' And 'Were any infections subsequently reported by anyone attending it?'

The aim is emphatically not to catch anybody out but to allow us to improve our response. We hope that members and the wider music world will download and use it as much as possible - it will give us much needed data that will help us all make the case for choral singing and for music activity in the community more generally.

WellRehearsed is available for Android and iOS users.

Find out more about WellRehearsed and download the app

WellRehearsed has its own microsite which you can find here.